Both of our gardens are home to a wide variety of herbs, ranging mostly from species native to the Mediterranean region. Each one of these plants has its own unique vibe, scent and appearance, and together they provide a pleasurable walking experience through our geometrically designed garden paths.

Sage (Salvia Officinalis) : A great tea choice for relieving stress, headaches and colds, with a heavenly aroma

Herbs play a very important role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Their powerful scents help to keep away unwanted bugs and insects like flies and mosquitoes, while attracting beneficial ones like ladybugs and praying mantis. Bees are of course a crucial part of any ecosystem and herbal flowers are some of their favorite treats. Herbs like thyme, sage and oregano provide some of the most beloved honey flavors worldwide and we love seeing the bees doing their work on them.

Rosemary is a hardy and low maintenance plant that acts as a natural windbreaker, sheltering our vegetable gardens from the harsh northen winds.
Wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium) : A very powerful herb, used as the main ingredient in the drink Absinthe. Thanks to it’s very bitter qualities it acts as a digestive system stimulant, being even able to combat worm and parasite infections, hence the name origin.

Herbs have been used as medicine through most of mankind’s history. Their continued use and respect from so many different cultures shows just how powerful and providing they can be. From tea and cooking to oil infusions and salves, we try to make to make the best use of them like so many have done before us. 

 We invite you to come and connect, learn and work with these magical plants and also check out our big selection of organic herbal products.