Rodon Garden

The dream of a rural house, by a couple (Niki and Kostis) now meets the intentions of some young people and follows the participation of people from all over the world. Literally from all continents and sides of the planet, from South Africa and Finland, Argentina and Korea to Canada and New Zealand.

Unfolding here an eco-cultural space. The renovation and refinement of the buildings begins to support the stay of volunteers and collaborators alike. The soil is plowed, the watering system enters, and the first vegetables and herbs are planted.

The area of ​​the horses is determined and their shelter is prepared, together with the composting system. Earthworms and first bees arrive to support the crops. The first foals are born. May and Calme, the first on May 1st and the second at the 20th in the evening. We get up in the morning to meet May in front of us, while for Calme we are witnesses when this miracle was happening.

Shortly after, a walking labyrinth is made with a purpose that one finds himself in the center and turns back as he unfolds. It is time for the nursery, for the seed of the goods we produce, the hencoop and the house for the goats.

Days of work, challenges, but also joy, people who fell in love here and became friends – arrived. Farming, beekeeping, horsemanship, animal welfare, constructions, music, knowledge, fermented bread and recipes from all parts of the earth.

Personal and collective evolution takes place here, and the story goes on…