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We invite you in a week dedicated to Permaculture!!!

Calme Garden welcomes Chan Sac Balam, designer, consultant and teacher of Permaculture who operates in the eco-community L’Oasis de Serendip in the region La Drome of France.

With his energetic mood and his great passion for Nature, Earth and sustainable living, he is going to introduce us to the basic principles of Permaculture and to the way we can use this knowledge to create eco-systems and cultivations compatible and friendly towards Nature and Human . How we can apply methods of raw material and waste management in a way that doesn’t harm the planet but benefits us and the environment, looking towards a bright future with cooperative relationships and abundance.

During the weekend workshop Andreas from the Stagones neighborhood will help us to explore natural building techniques and materials as well as bio-climatic design principles. We will cover all fundamental topics (foundations, drainage, structural elements, walls, roofs) and gain experience while working on small-scale projects. Playing with mud is great fun for young and old; cob, stone and wood will be the materials we’ll use. Furthermore, we will be able to design the shelter (or school!) of our dreams and make a model of it. Be there!

The week program is going to be:

day 1 : Principles and ethics of Permaculture – Methodology of Design

day 2 : Pattern recognition – Reading the landscape – Water management

day 3 : Living Soils – Micro-organisms and their energy transactions

day 4 : Food security – Agroforestry

day 5 : Regenerative agriculture – Permaculture facing climate change (Microclimate design)

day 6 : Natural building (COB) with Antdeas

day 7 : Natural building (COB) with Andreas

Every day:

09:00 : Greeting

09.30: Seminar

13.00 : Lunch break

15.00 : Practical implementation (hands on)

18.00 : Closure

Saturday and Sunday:

09:30: Hands on

13:00: Lunch break

15:00: Theory

17:00: Hands on

19:00: Closure

Every day after the end of the workshop the Garden is going to host activities open to everybody, workshop participants and non-participants!

Evening activities program:

Monday: Fire ceremony with Chan Sac (20.30)

Tuesday: States of consciousness presentation and Qi-cong lesson with Alexandros Elion (19.00)

Wednesday: ”Cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis” with Azul Vivienne (19.00)

Thursday: Yoga with Rita Xavier (19.00)

Friday: Documentary projection (20.00)

Saturday: Live music (20.30)

Sunday: Live music (20.30)

In our Garden, whole day nutrition (breakfast, lunch, dinner) will be possible, as well as accommodation for the whole duration of the seminar.

Participation Cost:

Workshop : Day: 25 euros Week: 150 euros

Nutrition : Day: 15 euros Week: 100 euros

Accommodation : Day: 5 euros Week: 25 euros

For participation in the seminar with nutrition for the whole week :

230 euros

For participation in the seminar with nutrition and accommodation for the whole week : 250 euros

The revenue from the financial participation will be spent on the implementation of the seminar and the support of Evolving Cycles Co-operative.

Since the number of participants is limited, get in contact soon to book in time.

In case of economical dificulties , we are available to find together alternative solutions.

First five days of the workshop are going to be taught in English.

In order to book and for further information: +30 6908877954 Christos

or by e-mail:

About Chan Sac Balam :

Permaculture designer and consultant.

Teacher of the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI)

Founder of PermaLab : Permaculture Design / Regenerative Agriculture

Habitat / Sustainable living / Research and education

About Andreas Papachristou:

Since leaving city life and a successful career in sound-engineering ( behind ten years ago, Andreas lives with his family in Nature. He is involved in Natural Building and in promoting self-directed, democratic education in Greece. He is a member of the Stagones neighborhood Σταγόνες / Stagones and initiator of the Hara-Goe project (

See you at the workshop!!