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About us

Serving ecologically conscious ventures and a culture that evolves in harmony with nature.

Evolving Cycles is a Civil Non-Profit Company (NGO) which was founded in 2018 and operates in the field of education, culture and ecology. The organisation is a network through which synergies are built between projects, joint projects are created and implemented, new projects are supported in their first steps and an alternative paradigm of business and interpersonal relationships between partners is established in Greece.

The company actively organises events, formal and non-formal training, implements European and national programs, provides consultancy and design services, promotes youth work, volunteering and giving back to the community and supports local projects that serve as examples of Ecotopias, spaces where the NGO’s values are practised.

Background of our NGO
Evolving Cycles has the Quality Label certification from Greek National Agency for the implementation of solidarity projects in cooperation with other European countries (Erasmus+), and has a network of partners across Europe who share the same tools and values as our organisation.

At the same time it cooperates with public institutions (schools, universities) to implement educational programs in the local projects and promotes alternative forms of education (non-formal learning, forest schools).

We are the first national member (of Greece) of ECOLISE, the European network for community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability.

Who we are

The NGO Evolving Cycles consists of the Board of Directors (the heart of the organisation), the member projects, external partners, volunteers, friends/supporters and ordinary members of the organisation.

The dynamic governance of the NGO leads to its structure in circles by activity area: Education, Culture, Ecology, Communication, Finance and Funding, Projects, Facilitation/Coordination.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of 3 persons who are legally responsible for the activity of the organisation. Each member project is represented by at least one member on the Board of Directors. The members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Konstantinos Keremeles

    Kostas has been working intensively for the last 7 years with more than 250 volunteer travellers from more than 35 countries and all continents, while organising work groups and carrying out both small projects and various events. He has gained valuable experience on how to embrace and integrate individuality in a collective scheme, crossing cultural/educational or other personal or non-personal boundaries. 

    With the goal of understanding human nature and the intention of resolving issues that can support our relationship with ourselves and others, including the cultural-economic and physical environment in which we live, he studies the human condition of the individual as well as human networks while working toward alternatives.

    Costas has been studying and practising: 

    • Natural farming and Permaculture 
    • Living & being with horses
    • Eco friendly Beekeeping 
    • Self acknowledgement 
    • Dynamic governance 
    • Jewellery making
  • Tina (Kompostina) Lymberis

    Tina is passionate about making her life colourful, fun and meaningful and inspiring others to do the same!

    She consistently learns and shares what she would have liked to learn in school. In the last 12 years alone, she has trained in Permaculture [Personal, Social and Land-based], Non-Violent Communication [NCV by Marshall Rosenberg], Sociocracy [facilitation], the Art of Hosting, the Transition Movement and Agile Learning.

    “Kompostopia EcoArts Project”  is the vehicle through which she exercises her ethical responsibility to share all the knowledge she has acquired in an artistic way. This includes the production of a musical theatrical which increases the impact of her work.

  • Christos Karystinos

    Christos Karystinos has been trained on how to teach permaculture according to the book Permaculture Teaching Matters of Rosemary Morrow and is currently acquiring his diploma in Permaculture with the Italian Academy of Permaculture focused on ecovillage design. His experience in ecovillages (Sunseed Desert Technology, Lakabe, Auroville, Los Portales, Comune di Bagnaia etc) and permaculture projects around the world have taught him that the regeneration of the land is directly connected with the regeneration of the social system around it. 

    He lives and works in the suburbs of Chania, Crete and manages the project “Healing Field” and cultivates olives. He has experience in teaching permaculture design courses for more than 350 hours and he is organiser of the annual circle of courses on facilitation in Greece (facilitation.gr). 

    He studied Electrical engineering in NTUA Athens, with a thesis on off-grid renewable microgrids and he transited from a life in Athens to a life in rural Crete in a community setting.