Anavyssou Garden

Surrounded by mountains, olive trees, some houses and the endlessly blue sky sits this place that calls itself calme garden and it is, a garden in growth.

Gathering people from so many places to come and dig their hands in the dirt to give the plants a new home to thrive, run them through the soft baby horses’ fur, share their power and knowledge to build and to nourish this place with what they are and know.

They leave not only their foot- and fingerprint, but the pulse of their heartbeat, the taste of the food they cook, the sound of their voices and the music they play.

The stories they shared are being whispered by the walls and Lekaki will still bark at the horses and love to cuddle, when new people come over and cover again, to be a gift to this place and be given the gift of calme garden.

Dimitris sprinkles his magic soil on this place and the stars twinkle back every night letting every being know that it’s a communication that goes far beyond what we can see.

The slow rhythms of the drums of the lifestyle gather people at the garden as if it was a bonfire, attracting allkinds of kind beings striving for light and shared moments.

More soil is loosened up, double digging is done, and the full moon is sure to rise again to shine its bright white upon the evolving garden before the olives are to be picked and the fire in the kitchen is to be lit.

Cycles of nature and culture touch in this spot,

come, come, they say, join us

By Katharina
Maria Grabner