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Em is a combo of lactic acid bacteria, yeast and phototropic bacteria, that has the ability to ferment organic subtances rather than immediately decompose waste.

The microbes in EM have a whole bunch of applications:
-composting: is used to inoculate your compost materials
-eliminate odor from pet Poop
-Farm and Garden: it can be used in your gardens to enrich soils with nutrients and beneficial microbes that will work in concert with the natural microbes existing in garden soil
-Stink Buster: it attacks odors by shifting the balance of life from the putrid types of anaerobes to the fermenting type you find in EM: Skunks, Ponds, Waste water, Septic Systems
-Pets: praying EM or using it to bathe your dog or cat will reduce the use of chemical products and help to stimulate and balance beneficial microorganisms in their bodies ( 100% natural and safe)
-Sustainable House Care: Cleanups, Washing Clothes and Kitchen Waste Recycling
-and many more…

100ml bottle
To be diluted in water. Our recommendation is 1/1000







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