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“Points of Support” Program of the Bodossaki Foundation

Evolving Cycles was a partner and implementation entity for the Bodossaki Foundation’s “Points of Support” program in the field of ecology for two projects. 

The first project was with the Kissamos Social Spot Association for the creation of a therapeutic accessible Permaculture educational garden in Kissamos, Crete. The role of Evolving Cycles was to design and implement a Permaculture design. 

The second project “Water Protectors”, was implemented by local partners Sporos en Terra and Eleftherochorafo (Chania, Crete) and aimed to train women in biofertilizer production in order to avoid the use of chemical fertilisers and the pollution of the aquifer. The objective was to empower women and create alternative forms of income for them.

Project outcomes: The Healing garden design

"Points of Support" Program of the Bodossaki Foundation